Because your Peace of Mind is the most important thing.

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About Us

We are your allies: the mission of PRMD is to offer you the best alternative to protect your practice and your legacy against the inherent risks that exist when practicing medicine in Puerto Rico.

PRMDIC’s quality service and knowledge of risk management demonstrate our serious commitment to the success of the medical class and the health of the people.

We are dedicated to provide you with Peace of Mind, protecting with a powerful defense your legacy and the well being of your family.

Our Advantages
  • Affordable rates where 87% of the classifications are cheaper than most.
  • Savings in some specialties can reach 20%.
  • Date of retroactivity: you won’t have to pay when leaving your current insurer.
  • Powerful Defense Team with top quality law-firms.
  • Fixed Rates with no surcharge added when you receive a summons or lawsuit.
  • Excess policies to ensure that your coverage current.
  • Corporate policies to protect your company.
  • Withdrawal "Cola" endorsement can be free of cost and automatic.

All of these are accompanied by a service that is well known and recognized as the best in the industry.

Learn more about the benefits and details of our Peace of Mind ™ Policies.

Peace of Mind ™ Policies

Basic Peace ™
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Perfect Peace ™
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Corporate Peace ™
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ClinLab Peace ™
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e-Med Defense
(Cyber Liability)
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